Logistic Companies

the logistics business is growing rapidly, thanks to an increase in the number of online stores. Modern generation business depends a lot on the timely delivery of essential products, both for a company, and for its clients as well. It is not possible for the owner of an online store to keep track of their inventory, determine when it is necessary to replenish stocks, and ensure that its clients receive products ordered by them by the stipulated date. It is literally impossible for an online store to keep a track of these things without opening a separate section. Given the narrow profit margins earned by these stores, it works out cheaper to go for the services of a reputable logistic company, who offer safe delivery of your products at reasonable prices. They are responsible to pick up products from your wholesaler or from your warehouse and deliver them to the client.

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Things to look out for

You need to be extremely wary while choosing a logistic company. It should have branches in most major cities and towns. Apart from this, it should also have tie ups with other courier companies for delivering products to areas not serviced by them. You need to check if they have proper storage facilities at all their branches. You should also check if the logistic company offers insurance for products transported through it. This is vital if you are selling products like gold jewellery and precious stones through your online store. This helps you to recover your investment in case any precious consignment gets lost during transportation. Some of the leading companies also have their personal aircraft. This allows them to stick to their schedule, which is not possible had they depended on commercial airliners.


Make sure that the company you select to deliver goods from the manufacturers to your warehouse and from there to your clients have a helpdesk, available 24 x 7. You should also check the number of vehicles they have at their disposal. They should have software that updates information on their website automatically. This helps the client find out the location of their product by entering the airway bill or transaction ID. Most leading companies use bar code readers in their warehouses and sorting centres. As soon as a product arrives, the personnel of that company use a barcode reader to scan the product details. A dedicated software updates this information on the company's website and also sends a text message to the recipient once the product is despatched for delivery.

Printing and packaging facilities

A reputable logistic company should also provide printing and packaging facilities. They should also provide you with software that connects with their server. The moment you receive a confirmed order, the software relays this information to the company. They then pick up the goods from your warehouse, pack it properly, print a label containing a barcode along with details of the merchant and the recipient, and send a confirmation email both to you and to your client. This email contains a tracking number along with the estimated delivery date.